A joint product by: BIRA-IASB, KNMI, MPI-C, University of Bremen, and Wageningen University


The QA4ECV HCHO Essential Climate Variable precursor product contains harmonized HCHO column densities for the period 1996-2015. Specifically, the provided product is the tropospheric vertical column density.

The HCHO ECV data provides geophysical information for each and every ground pixel observed by GOME, SCIAMACHY, OMI, and GOME-2A, without the additional binning, averaging or gridding typically applied for Level 3 data. In addition to vertical HCHO column densities, the product contains intermediate results, such as the result of the spectral fit, fitting diagnostics, the averaging kernel, cloud information, and algorithm and product error estimates.

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Clicking on Data Access (dark blue button) takes you to version 1.0 data retrieved for OMI using fitting window A (328.5-359 nm). Results for fitting window C (328.5-348 nm, with BrO prefit) is available on request.
By clicking on the Traceability Chain you will find specific information on how the HCHO ECV precursor is retrieved.
Do you have questions on how the satellite HCHO data is produced, how good it is, or how useful for your application? Then please post your questions or comments on this HCHO ECV Forum.