QA System


The QA4ECV Quality Assurance Service is currently under construction.


The function of the QA4ECV QA service is to:

  • Provide ECV producers with resources to generate ECV products with embedded QA information

  • Provide data users with QA information to assess the fitness-for-purpose of data for their applications


The QA Service will comprise of dedicated Data Producer and Data User portals.

The Data Producer Portal will guide data producers through a series of QA categories aimed at gathering QA evidence on their products. Internationally endorsed and recommended tools, templates and good practice guidance will be provided within each QA category.

The Data User Portal will disseminate the scientific integrity and fitness-for-purpose of the products (that have gone through the above process) by providing access to the QA evidence compiled for each ECV product.

The QA4ECV QA Framework within which the QA Service lies is outlined in detail here

Please note: The QA4ECV QA Service is a prototype. All functionality and QA categories are under development and product producer/user consultation.