Joint FP7-SPACE Projects

QA4ECV is part of a larger effort to prepare for a Copernicus Climate Change Service. The European Commission through REA (Research Executive Agency) has selected 5 FP7-SPACE projects to prepare for climate change service in the longer run. All these projects start on 1 January 2014.

  1. ERA-CLIM2 Global Reanalysis (ECMWF, Dick Dee)
  2. UERRA Regional Reanalysis (SMHI, Per Unden)
  3. QA4ECV Quality Assurance ECVs (KNMI, Folkert Boersma)
  4. CLIPC Climate Impact Platform (STFC, Martin Juckes)
  5. EUCLEIA Event Attribution (MetOffice, Peter Stott)

Albert Klein Tank (KNMI) will co-ordinate information exchange between these projects and the outside world, including relevant Commission DGs and joint stakeholders.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service will support adaptation and mitigation policies, and provide: reanalysis datasets, climate change analyses, projections based on scenarios, and tailored indicator datasets for different societal sectors.

Early 2014, a call will be published by the Commission for expressions of interest to bid for the Service Operator role.

The European Meteorological Community is currently discussing options to bid for the Service Operator role.