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Nature Dissem-

Report on user requirements based on user survey (v2, September 2015) 

Note on the update of the QA4ECV User Survey Report (D1.1, September 2015) 

WP1 16 3 Other PU 4
D1.2 Report on links established with external services
and global stakeholders
WP1 12 2 Report PU 24
D1.3 Update of the user requirements report WP1 16 2 Other PU 30
D2.1 Service Specification Document (v2.2, January 2016): Outline of a framework for a QA service in support of C3S WP2 16 2 Report CO 6



Web-based project report (with hyperlinks) detailing and audiging ther traceability chains for the different ECVs

Gap analysis of QA4ECV ECV products

WP2 16 11 Demonstrator PU 12
D2.3 Documentary framework recommending: methods.
tool specifications & standards for the QA of EO
Satellite and in-situ/groundbased data applicable
to all/groups of ECVs.
WP2 16 45.3 Report RE 18
D2.4 Prototype QA/Validation service for Atmosphere
ECVs: Detailed Processing Model.
WP2 2 20 Prototype PU 18
D2.5 Prototype QA/ Validation service for Atmosphere
ECVs: Detailed Processing Model v2
WP2 2 12 Prototype PU 27
D2.6 Prototype QA/Validation service for Atmosphere
ECVs: Web based prototype.
WP2 9 26.3 Prototype PU 36
D2.7 A functional prototype uncertainty tool and impact
analysis for ECVs
WP2 17 5 Demonstrator PU 42
D2.8 Audit reports for the QA of the full process chain
of the six ECVs.
WP2 16 6 Report PU 42
D2.9 Service Specification Document (v2): design for
sustainable multi-ECV QA service
WP2 16 5 Report PU 48
D3.1 Quality report of the selected radiative transfer
models (task 3.1)
WP3 11 1 Report PU 12
D3.2 Data files containing in situ and sensor
characteristics (task 3.1)
WP3 11 2 Other PU 12
D3.3 Report on satellite derived ECV definition and
field protocols.
WP3 11 2 Report PU 18
D3.4 Descriptions of the virtual validation sites
(task 3.2) WP3
WP3 11 7 Report PU 18
D3.5 Simulated TOC and TOA reflectances (task 3.3)  WP3 11 7 Other PU 30
D3.6 Simulated in situ observation (task 3.3)  WP3 11 7 Demonstrator PU 30
D3.7 Report on performance of retrieval algorithms over
virtual validation test sites
WP3 11 3.5 Report PU 48
D3.8 Historical record of independent reference data
for NO2, HCHO, and CO
WP3 2 31 Report PU 24
D3.9 Quality indicators on uncertainties and represen-
tativity of atmospheric reference data.
WP3 3 31 Report PU 30
D3.10 Report on independent validation of atmospheric
reference data sets.
WP3 6 6 Report PU 48
D4.1 Multi-decadal sets of quality- assured level-1 and
(slant/total) column data. 
WP4 15 30 Demonstrator PU 18
D4.2 Recommendations on best practices for retrievals
for Land and Atmosphere ECVs.
WP4 1 7 Report PU 27
D4.3 Harmonised. sensorindependent retrievals
(software) for three Land ECV products.
WP4 12 75.6 Report PU 24
D4.4 Harmonised. sensorindependent retrievals
(software) for HCHO and NO2. Report on
MOPITT-IASI CO total column consistency
WP4 8 34.5 Other PP 24
D4.5 Multi-decadal ECVs for Atmosphere ECV precursors (1995-2016) and Land ECVs (1982-2016). WP4 10 50 Other PU 30
D4.6 Product Specification Document and regridded
data for Land and Atmosphere ECVs.
WP4 1 4 Report PU 36
D5.1 Traceable methods to scale in-situ to correlate
with satellite pixels
WP5 10 3 Other PU 36
D5.2 Matchup datasets for all Land ECVs including
error statistics.
WP5 10 3 Other PU 36
D5.3 Report with quality assessment of Land ECV
retrieval algorithms.
WP5 11 7 Report PU 42
D5.4 Report with quality assessment of Land ECV
data products
WP5 10 9 Report PU 42
D5.5 Report with quality assessment of Atmosphere
ECV retrieval algorithms
WP5 2 12 Report PU 36
D5.6 Report with quality assessment of Atmosphere
ECV data products
WP5 8 6 Report PU 42
D6.1 Report on the compliance of ECV records with
GCOS and user requirements
WP6 1 12 Report PU 40
D6.2 Report on the impact Land ECV records for regional
and global climate studies and climate model development
WP6 4 8 Report PU 48
D6.3 Report on the impact of Atmospheric ECV records
on model evaluation. data assimilation. emission
and trend estimates
WP6 8 8 Report PU 48
D6.4 Report on the use of Land ECV products to
improve Atmosphere ECV retrievals.
WP6 8 8 Report PU 48
D7.1 Initial setup of the webpage and communication
WP7 2 3 Other PU 6
D7.2 Full operation of website and helpdesk throughout
project and advertisement
WP7 1 3 Other PU 48

Training course on quality assurance for ECVs
package, including ecourse on website

Training Video

WP7 2 2 Other PU 42
D7.5 Product User Guide WP7 13 4 Report PU 48
D7.6 Report on User Services Prototype WP7 13 4 Report PU 48
D7.7 Advisory committee meetings and related minutes. WP7 1 0.2 Other PU 48
D7.8 Web processing services WP7 13 6 Other PU 48
D8.1 Set-up of the joint web portal. WP8 1 0.25 Other PU 6
D8.2 Common lessons learned relevant for the
development of the Copernicus Climate Change Service
WP8 1 1.5 Report PU 48
D8.3 Meeting minutes (to be uploaded as project
WP8 1 0.25 Other RE 48
D9.1 Establish Scientific and Technical Coordination
WP9 1 0.2 Other PU 1
D10.1 Project Management Plan WP10 1 2 Report PU 2