QA4ECV User Requirements Survey for Quality Information in Satellite-derived Climate Data Records

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QA4ECV ('Quality Assurance for multi-decadal ECVs') is a 4-year European Union Framework 7 project. The project is led by KNMI with 16 other contributing institutions from across Europe (see below).

The aim of QA4ECV is to develop a prototype of an internationally accepted Quality Assurance framework that provides free and open access to quality information along with traceable processing steps for deriving uncertainties associated with data records used for climate services.

The goal of this survey is to obtain a user perspective on the need for and most effective ways of presenting quality assessment (QA) information within current and future satellite-derived ECV data records. In particular, we are interested in the type of QA information that is required and the utility it will serve in your application area(s).



Project Partners: IASB - BIRA, IUP - UB, MPG, ULB, AUTH, CSIC, TU/e, S&T, UCL, JRC, EUMETSAT, BC, FASTOPT, Govaerts Consulting, NPL and CGI